Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire, April 30th and May 1st from 10am to 6pm

Join the players of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and travel back to the days of yore and merry olde England as the historic village of Smithville is transformed into the Shire of Smithville in the heart of the English Renaissance.  The good Duke of Northumberland has decreed merriment for all. Fun for the whole family including comedy, tragedy, sword fighting, dance, song, knights, jesters and so much more.  Also stroll amongst the wares of the local vendors and traveling merchants sporting historical gifts and finely crafted items.  Visit the website of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire at and feel free to send us a missive via ye olde email at


Here is some of what we have going on:

This year the stages will be graced by the Lords of Adventure comedy sword fighting show, Shelli Buttons aerial acrobatics show, the musical talents of Pieces of 8 and Iron Hill Vagabonds as well as fire performances and magic by Doug Stafford.

The Village Greene will also host additional craftsmen and merchants selling their wares for the shopping pleasure of the Duchess and our patrons.

New Jersey Renaissance Productions brings you the amazing Smithville Renaissance Faire, now in our 5th season.  Visit the NJ Ren Faire on the web at  All acts are subject to change.”

Archery * Paddle Boats * Train * Carousel 
Face Painting


Lords of Adventure: Two Man Comedy Sword Fighting ShowShelly Buttons
The Lords of Adventure, Jack Bold & Roger Awesome will teach our audience to remember the lord or lady of Adventure that they each carry inside, all while swinging dangerous objects at each other for everyone’s entertainment pleasure.

That Magic Guy: DO you believe in magic? Have you ever been held captive by illusion? That Magic Guy has what it takes to make your day a magical delight. Illusion and fun for the whole family. In his own words,…”the funniest show this side of the Plague!”

Four Pieces of Eight: Watch three beautiful daughters drive thier step-father to madness, and deelight you with lovely tunes in the process.

Peasant Dancer: Come learn the traditional dances of the Renaissance times.

Hope to see you there!

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